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The Expert Consultants

As a team of dedicated leaders with extensive experience in the addiction system, we strive to seamlessly integrate the provider’s overall vision and remove obstacles to organizational goals to maximize both the provision of quality services and program revenue. 


We have excelled in leadership positions, and we pride ourselves on our ability to achieve success, build consensus with cross-functional teams and maintain open lines of communication. In addition, we consistently lead by example, encouraging maximum potential, performance, and dedication with those that we work with. Throughout our careers, we have demonstrated our expertise as system leaders, a general counsel providing legal, legislative and regulatory guidance and advice.  We look forward to bringing these strengths to our clients.


Please consider the following highlights of our qualifications:

  • Leadership and implementation of key legal processes related to negotiating and drafting legislation and regulations, and commercial agreements.

  • Leadership on managing legal risk and the provision of advice to senior leadership on all legal matters affecting organization / departmental transactions.

  • Oversight of legal compliance across the business while maintaining integrity both internally and externally.


As goal-driven professionals, our focus is on empowering your teams to excel in fast-paced, highly demanding environments. Through formal training and on-going coaching, we can provide your team with the resources, tools, and knowledge necessary to produce superior results. Additionally, we are adept at understanding complex business landscapes, analyzing challenges, and developing lasting solutions to reduce risk, drive operational excellence, and positively impact the bottom line.

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